5 Home Improvements That Will Provide Countless Benefits

When many homeowners talk about remodelling their home, their first consideration is the larger projects. After all, these are the projects that will increase the value of their home, right? Well, partially. While improvements like painting your home, adding new siding, or remodelling your kitchen may help you recoup the cost of the project in the long run, there are other, less glamorous projects that can benefit you right now.

With the right steps, the correct materials, and the right fasteners and fixings, you can make your life better and increase the value of your home at a minimal cost.

Home Improvements For Now and The Future

The following home improvements are the best choice for homeowners who plan to live in their home for a long time. While they will help to increase the value of your home if you eventually decide to put it up for sale, the immediate benefits are what make these projects so essential.

Water Management – The biggest enemy of any house is water. Water causes rotting, mould, and breeds a variety of health problems. Make sure your basement is sealed and protected from water so it is safe for storage, healthy, and is able to be refinished and used. Check that your decks are attached to your home with the proper fasteners and fixings to avoid water leaking into your home and basement. You should also be sure your yard has proper drainage, and your gutters, flashing, roof, and downspouts are performing correctly by moving water away from your home instead of towards it.

Accessibility – Do you ever wonder why grandma only visits you once a year? It may be because she can’t enter your home easily. Ensuring that individuals of any size, age, or disability have convenient access to your home is extremely important. Adding task lighting, non-slip flooring, wheelchair ramps, zero-clearance thresholds, and extending the width of your entry ways can ensure your friends and family can enjoy your home right along with you. Be sure to use the correct fasteners and fixings to make these improvements safe and solid.

Heating and Cooling – Replacing worn out heating and cooling appliances, replacing furnace filters, fixing broken window seals, and installing ceiling fans can lower the costs of your utility bills, increase your level of comfort, and produce better indoor air quality.

Foundation – Your whole house sits on a foundation. Without a solid foundation, your home is at risk for a host of problems structurally. Check your foundation often and attend to any issues as soon as they occur to ensure you are not dealing with a compromised or weak foundation.

Home Structure – When individuals are buying a home, they expect it to have a solid structure. If the walls, floors, or roof are not solid, it will be difficult to open or close doors and windows, and you may experience leaks. It is best to have your home inspected before you purchase it, but if changes in structure occur afterward, you must take steps to repair these problems. Although this isn’t a fun investment, it will save you thousands of dollars in the long run to have minor structural repairs repaired as they are discovered.
While larger home improvement projects geared more towards beauty may greatly increase the value of your home when you are ready to sell, the projects stated here will help improve the quality of life you have in your home, reduce your energy costs, and improve the overall function of your house. Make sure you are using the correct materials and appliance, the right fasteners and fixings, and are regularly checking for issues that may negatively affect your home.

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